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Vibrato 2017 Art Festival Poetry Winners

(In Alpabetical Order by Last Name)



 By Roberta C.:


There it was,

just hanging there,

waiting for me, 

as if I had dreamed it.

I was helpless,

I was in love,

I was 15.


 I wore it till the sleeves frayed

 till the true red lining began to fade

 till the worn parts split, 

until my need loosened its grip, 

and I no longer had to have the must have,

the comfy quilted, hooded black straight lined poplin with its thin white stripes and leather toggle ties, ‘specially made. waiting there, just for me.

Like a cast away doll the Ann Fogarty jacket, that for all those years covered me up to below my knees, now the jacket hung in the closet and rarely saw the light of day,  Now I was getting married.   

I was 20.





Fashion Police

By Carol G.:


What to wear?

Have no fear...

Janice is here.

Look to Vibrato

and find your own

fashion flare.


Be sure to stop by. 

Janice is always there to say hi.

Even if you don't always buy!





Poem By Maria G.:


My favorite boutique




Makes good my physique




Blouses, pants and dresses




Earrings next to my tresses




Makes me feel unique




Walking in town very chic!







Poem By Bonnie K.:


Vibrato - what a treasure!


For all women who love to shop and be in style,

You might think you need  a million pics for your file.


But wait!...I have an answer to all your fashion wants,

And I am willing to give you the secrets of my haunts.


Shoes….jewelry…dresses…a top?

Surprise! You will only need to make one stop.


Where should you go for hip glam?….Wilmette!,

Just motor to Vibrato and you will be all set!!





By Kerry L.:


Stunning, dear,

That strapless dress,

And, oh, those strappy sandals,


Your painted lips,

Which red is that?

You’re hip enough for scandals.


Where did you buy

That hanging pearl,

That multi-metal necklace?


The effort you 

So clearly exerted

Proves you the opp of feckless.


And, darling,

I can’t help but stare,

Your wrist purse is divine.


That beadwork

Looks like candy drops,

I covet it for mine.


Why, looking at

Your total look,

Your garb plays like a musical score.


Please share with me

Your secret shop…

Was Vibrato your elegant store?





The Most Beautiful Woman

By Lisa N.:


Crisp white blouses were her love

Short-sleeved, long-sleeved 

Tailored, flowy

Worn with narrow skirts of color.


Dresses of aqua, peach, and olive

Florals in every pastel color

Perfect for southern Missouri weather

Complemented her gentle manner.


Porcelain skin, but still wore makeup

Coral lipstick, smokey shadow

Pink-ish blush and dark eyeliner.


Violet or Gardenia perfume

Announced her entrance into a room

Turquoise stones and silver bands

Graced her fingers, neck, and hands.


Shoes--oh my! She couldn't resist!

Dressy, casual, high heels, low

Straps and buckles, and grosgrain bows.


Harpers, Vogue, and Glamour 

Always on the coffee table 

Showed what styles were popular

Helped her dress like a movie star.


But what did she treasure most of all?

Not her diamond ring or rabbit shawl--


Tucked under her pillow, a precious thing

Her plastic, glow-in-the-dark rosary

Prayed each night so faithfully.


Sweet and gentle, thoughtful, kind

Explored the world with her curious mind

Loved her family, helped us grow 

Into people I think you'd be glad to know.


Never was there a more beautiful woman--my Mother.


Ginger Gover

August 18, 1924-April 26, 2012

By Lisa N.

Second oldest of Ginger's six children






By Chris M.:


I’ve been shopping at VIBRATO for many years, so when the shop

closed in Glenview it brought me to TEARS!

(This poem has a graphic image of crying eyes that I wasn't able to reproduce here)






By Leslie W.:


The hat is misunderstood

People don't understand how they fit

They turn outfits to SPECIAL 


And all those who pass you smile just a bit


So what always fits me to a tee

For cold sun or other

When I feel like a lift 

Or just want to be cool

The HAT is the best thing for me 










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