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Summersent Parfum

Summersent Parfum

Summersent is the unique creation of niche Chicago-based fragrance brand call Marjorie Midgarden Fragrances
Imagine the golden scent of summer surrounding you all seasons.
SUMMERSENT holds the promise of summer never ending.
Unusual in its complexity of not4es and mood.
The scent is fragrant yet subtle, haunting and ever present,
pure, yet softly sensual.
deep * mesmerizing * magical * memorable
In its heirloom jeweled packaging SUMMERSENT is truly one of a kind.
Sold in Chicago, New York, London, Rome, Dusseldorf, Munich

An ethereal floral fragrance designed as a celebration of beauty, intelligence, grace, vision and individuality. Summersent is a tribute to femininity.
The inspiration for Summersent is a rare, guarded flower never before used in the fragrance industry. The robust scent of the secretive flower bloom is blended with heart notes of Italian jasmine, Moroccan orange blossom, cassis flower and genet for a rich floral bouquet.


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