Unfettered Adornment - Inverse Earrings

Unfettered Adornment - Inverse Earrings


The gravity of the armour within you has a voice and speaks. Calling fourth strength to be seen, to be heard, to be witnessed. Feeling and embodying the call of your inner worlds and the full spectrum of who you are. Not just the positive, even the opposite of what we believe to be allowed. Embracing duality, the circle represents our entirety of being. Cyclical, diverse, sometimes inverse yet whole, and worthy. What do you bring into life, full circle?


Double Sided & Reversible. The flipside is different from the front, so they can be worn in two unique ways, dynamic to whatever the occasion calls for.

Inside face:  Hand hammered 

Outside face: Patinated with a Dark Tarnish finish

  • Rustic Detailed 100% Sterling Silver 
  • Granulated Balls are individually soldered onto both sides
  • Overall Hand Polished Finish 
  • Earring Clasp is easy to open and close & very secure when worn

Earring Measurements

  • Diameter : 3.2 cm
  • Weight: Lightweight ( 6 grams each )