Unfettered Adornment - Cadence Short Earrings

Unfettered Adornment - Cadence Short Earrings


Unfettered focuses on creating wearable pieces using high quality materials and quality craftsmanship. Designer Kirra Lien grew up in Seattle, born to a family of entrepreneurs and artists. She started making jewelry as a young teen, while spending time with her jeweler grandmother. Kirra’s work is influenced by personal philosophies, and the incredible traditional metalcrafts of cultures from around the world. Concepts that frequently inform her work are the balance of feminine/masculine and light/dark - how these energies contrast, play together, and ultimately find harmony. Her pieces intend to connect the wearer with their own alive body and spirit. Kirra has an extensive background in dance and the performing arts, and her flair for drama and expression comes through in her metal designs.

Fan-inspired sterling silver earrings dangle and move with you. The chains catch and reflect light with each movement of the head.

In bright silver


Care : Remove your jewelry before entering the shower, ocean, pool, steam-room, bath, etc. Tarnishing can occur over time. Oxidation can also occur (we like this, as it adds to the character and charm of the piece) - but you can always gently shine up your item with a soft jewelry polishing cloth. Store jewelry in a cool, dry place when it’s not being worn. You can store it in a plastic zip bag to protect it from moisture in the air.

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