Unfettered Adornment - As Above So Below Earrings

Unfettered Adornment - As Above So Below Earrings


When our inner world mirrors the outer world, we can begin to shape and sculpt our internal landscape to meet external reality in a new light. As Above So Below reveals that we are also a true reflection of the external world surrounding us. With this ancient & esoteric teaching, how can we bring intentional embodiment to life as we dance between these reflective worlds?


The design consists of six pieces that move individually yet are strongly connected, similar to vertebrae. With two versions of the ombre fade, this pair starts dark at the top of the vertebrae then fades to light.

  • All six chevron-shaped pieces have lightweight mobility that are reminiscent of vertebra
  • Ombre fade, light to dark 
  • Matte finish, finished by hand
  • Post earrings with ear nut on the back


Earring Measurements

  • Length : 5.5 cm
    Width : 1.2 cm